Friday, April 15, 2011

Chicken pot pie roadtrip

Last night, after some recent ribbing that Peter and I never venture past the northern border of Boston city limits, we joined a convoy headed to the seacoast town of Winthrop. There were eight of us, all who live here in our South Boston condo building, and we piled into two cars: one filled with ladies and one filled with the guys. Our destination was the Winthrop Arms Hotel, a blast from the past with a huge lobby with checked white tile floors and big comfy couches which were perfect for enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail.

As we headed into the dining room, the manager/maitre d’ told us to enjoy our dinner, and to be sure to visit the restrooms, “the cleanest in the city!” There was a full menu but there was no doubt about what I was ordering. Our friends had been talking up the homemade chicken pot pie, and being a self-proclaimed pot pie affecianado (and snob), I eagerly ordered my dinner. I was not disappointed. The buttery crust completely enveloped a huge bowl of delicious pieces of roasted chicken, rich gravy, and assorted fresh vegetables. Not a dish for the diet-conscious, but hey, life is short, right?

Even better than my delicious dinner was a chance to hang out with Peter, Mary Ann, Jan, Joanne, Robb, Phyllis, and Salvador. It was the first time we’d all been together socially and we had a lot of laughs. In fact, we decided that our next get-together would be a retro (circa 1955) potluck dinner. Think tuna noodle casseroles, pretty Jello molds, cheese balls, deviled eggs, and olive loaf. Am I making you hungry?

PS: Here’s a gratuitous photo of Salvador – not from last night’s dinner – but in response to his complaints that I never run photos of him on my blog. The nerve…


  1. I love deviled eggs. Not sure about olive loaf; I'll have to look up a recipe to see how it's made.

  2. I'm not a big chicken pot pie fan, but my dad is. One night, two decades ago, he got one when we went out to eat and declared it the best he ever had. The waitress goes, "I'll tell you a secret - it's Stouffers"!!!!

    WTF man!



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