Sunday, August 12, 2012

Still alive and on vacation

Yes, it's been half a year -- six whole months -- since this blog has been updated. My bad, too busy, not motivated, nothing to say -- blah, blah, blah. But we are now starting on a two week, long anticipated get-away at the beach. We packed up like the Clampitts yeaterday and today enjoyed our first full day trying to unwind. So yeah, alive and kicking.


  1. Which beach? I hope they have Wi Fi there so you can keep us up to date. And share pictures of lobster rolls, shells, farm stands, sunrises, sunsets, skimpy bathing suits on not skimpy bodies, boardwalks, etc.

    Have a great vacation.

  2. Hello Joseph! We are in Provincetown, MA, at the very tip of Cape Cod. It's a glorious morning -- sunny and cloudless. We've already had our walk on the beach and a stop at The Wired Puppy, the local coffee shop, for a giant iced coffee. I feel like a blogger "newbie" -- that's what taking six months off will do for you -- will do my best to post a few photos and updates now and again. It's nice to finally have some unstructured time to do the things i like to do (like those beach walks and iced coffees). Thanks for checking in!

  3. Welcome back!

    Peter and Otis look as if they have plenty of room. Did you strap Granny Clampitt to the roof of the car?!

    In addition to Joseph's requests, please post a couple of photos of your dinners. I still can't believe all of the planning that you did in preparation for this trip.

  4. Wow. I kind of stopped checking.

    Nothing to say? You met me for chrissakes!

  5. hohoho
    I stop by regularly hoping you may blog. I went to canada for a week and lo ! Here you are !
    I should go to Canada more often !

    I was glad to see you and hear your news !



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