Monday, November 22, 2010

"Look at THAT" indeed

Sandra Lee has a couple of TV shows on the "Food Network" - and as anybody who knows me will attest, I'll watch pretty much any cooking show. But Sandra takes the cake (pun intended) when it comes to food "train wrecks". Case in point...

My favorite YouTube user comment on this video? "For a nicer presentation you can serve it wrapped in a diaper."


  1. But, wait!, she's totally right when she said "Look at that!" I did. A few times. It made me sick. Ketchup and all.

  2. LOLLL. She's horrible in all her shows, but I've seen fake vomit at a toy store that looks better than what she just semi-homemade made.

  3. Look at that, indeed. That cracked me up, thanks.

  4. OMG Sandra's obviously never heard that people also eat with their eyes, because I'm pretty sure you know what your eyes would be telling you what you're eating.



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