Sunday, November 21, 2010

“Fair & Balanced” and a moment of being real

This video has been making the rounds, so excuse me if you’ve already seen it. But it seems that some staff at FOX News, who have set themselves up to be the conservative cheerleader camp for Sarah Palin, are not above taking shots at Mama Grizzly (at least when they think they’re not being videotaped). On Thursday, this video was leaked online, and shows two FOX reporters poking fun at Palin’s new Alaska-based reality TV program. A big deal? Probably not…but it makes me glad to see that these folks aren’t 100% robots and are able to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness that is Sarah Palin.

And for what it’s worth – I caught a snippet of a Larry King interview with George (Senior) and Barbara Bush. Mrs. Bush was asked what she thought of Sarah Palin. “I sat next to her once,” said the former First Lady. “Thought she was beautiful. And she’s very happy in Alaska. And I hope she’ll stay there.” SNAP!


  1. And while I like the video, and concur with their comments, I found the whole little group of people to be sorta boring, lacking in any sort of depth or thoughtfulness or anything that would hold my attention for more than the length of this video. Gawd, they're boring......

  2. Amen - i hear you. Can't stand what passes for "news" these days - and that goes for NPR, CNN, FOX and all of the packaged network nightly news programs, too. My first job out of college was writing for an all-news station here in Boston. The facts were the facts were the facts. I'm afraid that doesn't exist anymore.



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