Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I got to play "Can't Beat Kennedy" on Boston's Mix 104.1 this morning!

On my morning drive to work, I listen to Mix 104.1 and its drive-time team, Karson & Kennedy. And every morning, around 7:30, they invite a listener to play "Can't Beat Kennedy". It's a five-question pop culture trivia game, where you go head-to-head with Kennedy, the "queen" of all things trivial (if you're reading this Kennedy, that's meant as a compliment!). In order to win, you need to answer more questions correctly than Kennedy does: a tie is not a win. And if you beat Kennedy, you win $100!

I've been trying for months to call in and play the game, but I always get a busy signal. But today was my lucky day - on my first dial, the phone started ringing. It rang about 20 times before Karson picked up and asked if I wanted to try and beat Kennedy. "Game on!" I said. Karson put me on hold for a few minutes, and I took the opportunity to get off the expressway and find a side street in Quincy where I could park my car. Safety first, doncha know? And before I knew it, I was on the air! Here are the questions I had to answer: 
  1. He’s the lead singer of a rock band and a new judge on “American Idol.” Who is he?
  2. CEO Steve Jobs a medical leave of absence from the company he helped launch. Name the company.
  3. True or False: Shaq was teammates with Lebron James on the Cleveland Cavilers last season.
  4. Gwyneth Paltrow hosted “SNL” over the weekend. He daughter has a famously odd name. What is it?
  5. What super successful young rapper & actor was shot and killed in Las Vegas in 1996?
I'm trying to embed a recording of my game, but it's not working for some reason. You can go here and listen to the entire game and see the right answers.

In case you didn't listen all the way through, I got all five questions right (a TOTAL guess on #3). And then Kennedy came in and ALSO got all five right, so it wasn't a win. But because I scored a 100%, they decided to give me the $100 anyway! Isn't that great? So after months and months of wanting to play "Can't Beat Kennedy", I finally got my chance and ended up with $100 in my pocket. Pretty sweet way to start the day. Thanks, Karson and Kennedy!


  1. I a total blogger geek that I listened to the show clip because I was curious to hear your voice? Congrats on the win.

  2. Congratulations on the $100! How are you going to spend it?

  3. ooh, I can't listen to it at work, but I'll do it later. For the record, I know all the answers too. Can I have $100?

  4. No clue on number three either. Congrats!



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