Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random thought Wednesday

Otis goes to the doctor this morning for his first-ever teeth cleaning. The vet will have to "knock him out" for the procedure, so that meant no food or water as of 9:00 last night. Of course, Otis woke up this morning dying for a drink of water, and we found him sitting in the dining room, staring up at his water bowl we had placed on the bar. I expect his choppers will be frighteningly white, and that he'll be pretty woozy when we pick him up late this afternoon.

It was a musical trip back into the 1970s this morning on my way to work. I'm constantly switching radio stations in my car trying to find something worthwhile to listen to, and today, I found three great songs in a row that brought me back to my early teens: "Main Street" by Bob Segar (this tune almost makes up for "Old Time Rock and Roll" which goes into the"Jukebox from Hell" category), "Country Road" by James Taylor, and "Operator" by Jim Croce. Great sing-along stuff. Too bad there was no body in the car to appreciate my dulcet tones.

So how much fat is there really in the Dunkin' Donuts egg white and turkey sausage breakfast sandwich? Just supposing I ate one this morning, although I'm trying to be good about what I am consuming these days...



    Mason is headed for his first-ever teeth cleaning next month! I imagine we'll have the same stare at the water dish going on.

  2. Mike,
    I, too, had a 70s kinda morning. When I read that singer Gerry Raferty had died, I immediately went to my 70s AM Radio playlist on Itunes and fired up "Baker Street" and "Right Down the Line". Sad.
    Great little book I read recently; "Food Rules" by Michael Pollan.

    Normally heavy reading, Pollan's little book is the "Common Sense" of modern day eating. Various chapters include, "Eat your Colors", "Don't Eat things with ingredients your Grandmother Wouldn't Recognize," and other chestnuts of wisdom related to sensible eating. HI to Pete (and of course Otis)



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