Sunday, August 21, 2011

“Can’t Stop the Music” was theme of 2011 Carnival parade in Provincetown

We are back from our annual sojourn to Provincetown, another in a series of relaxing summer vacations on the beach at the tip of Cape Cod. For the past seven years, we’ve taken at least a week enjoying slow mornings that don’t start with alarm clocks, lazy afternoons reading and napping on the beach, and the luxury of just slowing down for a few days.

We always visit during Carnival, a week-long summer celebration featuring dance parties, concerts, other sponsored events, and it’s all capped off with a parade down Commercial Street on Thursday afternoon. The theme of this year’s Carnival was “Can’t Stop the Music”: here are some shots from this year’s parade.

Yup, that's Charo, the Grand Marshal of this year's Carnival Parade. Cuchi Cuchi! No disrespect to the lady because she looks great, but there was some healthy debate going on in our gang about how old she is. She claims to be 60. Is that even possible? I seem to remember her "Cuchi Cuchi-ing" way back when I was a kid.

I'm guessing Richard Simmons?

Bruce Vilanch, best known for writing the gags for all of the Hollywood award shows, has been at the parade the last several years. 

Our favorite Provincetown performer, Miss Richfield 1981You can catch her show at the Crown & Anchor.

The last float in the parade proclaimed that the theme of next year's Carnival bash will be "A Space Odyssey". 


  1. Bruce Villanch. Really? Has ANYONE noticed that none - NONE - of those horribly stilted jokes on those award shows are in the least bit funny? It can't all be the performers, so I go to the writing. Yet people keep hiring him. Go figure.

    I remember Charo on Carol Burnett 40 years ago. No way was she 20 then, so......well, you're no spring chicken either. :)

  2. What joy. Thanks for sharing these great pics. And, yes, Charo is only 60!

  3. Nice pictures... Thanks for that. :-)

  4. what fun; what colours; what gaiety!

  5. Charo as the grand marshal? I think that's a sign of the apocalypse :) Looks like an incredible time. Mike--next year, I want to see you on one of those floats.

  6. Oh how I miss Provincetown. Public displays of gaydom is what my present home Rehoboth Beach fears. Got to keep it "family friendly."

  7. Sorry I missed you guys. I was further down Commercial in the West End closer to the end of the parade. We had a great time too.



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