Monday, August 8, 2011

Otis the Portuguese Water Dog catches air at Castle Island

What’s that, you say? You want even more blog posts about Otis?

The morning we closed on our new condo, we took the day off from work and grabbed some breakfast at the local Au Bon Pain. It was a stunning morning, and since we had a few hours to kill before signing all of the paperwork that comes with buying a house, we headed over to Castle Island with Otis.

The pooch was in rare form. At nearly seven years old, one might assume that Otis might show signs of slowing down. But flash a tennis ball in front of his nose and it’s turbo booster time. Over and over again, he raced across the grassy lawn at Castle Island, expertly catching the tennis ball in mid-air, or bouncing it off his snout and catching it on the rebound. His athleticism and determination are to be admired; we often comment that if we ran as hard as Otis does twice each day, we’d be contenders for the next Olympic games.

Here are some photos of Otis in action:

"Yup, looks like a good morning to go catch some tennis balls."

"We there yet?"

"Let's go!"

"Time out at the water fountain"


  1. What a happy pooch! So he brings the ball back? Mine catches the ball then sits down with it, expecting me to come to her to get it back.

    She's getting better at bringing it back if I yell, "Come! Come! Come! Bring the ball back!" a few times.

  2. hurrah for Lord Four Foot, Otis the Great !!



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