Monday, September 24, 2012

Boston's Eat Boutique: free samples of really good food

Saturday's perfect autumn afternoon in Boston meant we had to get out of the house. And good food was our excuse. We attended the Eat Boutique Market, right downtown on Atlantic Wharf (next door to the Boston Tea Party Museum). Eat Boutique is a showcase of "small batch foods" - a perfect place to discover new flavors, most of them sourced right here in New England.

My friend Kim had forwarded me an e-mail invitation to the event earlier in the week. It was free to attend; we just had to RSVP. We drove over to the Fort Point Channel area, parked the car, and walked a few blocks to the event. After a short wait in line (where I insisted on showing my ID to prove that I was at least 18 so that I could enjoy the alcoholic treats inside), we stepped under the big white tent, which housed folding tables featuring the wares of nearly two dozen chefs, food artisans, cookbook authors, brewers, and one fancy flower arranger. 

Free samples abounded - salty, crisp Cheddar cheese crackers (bought a bag), pumpkin vanilla caramel (bought a tube), gourmet s'mores and potato chip encrusted chocolate covered butter toffee (yup - bought some of those, too).  All of the food was beautifully presented, which made it hard to choose which treats were worthy of our hard earned dollars. Now that I'm on the Eat Boutique mailing list, I'll look forward to hearing about their next event, a holiday market in December. 

The Fort Point Channel in Boston, which separates downtown from South Boston.

The Boston Tea Party Museum on Atlantic Wharf.

Crowds line up at the entrance of the Eat Boutique tent.

Free samples of olive shortbread and candied orange peel made waiting in line a little more bearable.

Speaking from first-hand experience, these crackers are awesome.

Pumpkin, vanilla, and cinnamon apple caramels.

Samples of lemon cheesecake.

A tasting of seasoned salts and sugars.

What doesn't taste good paired with good quality butter on fresh bread?

This Bantam hard cider - which they were not selling due to alcohol license restrictions - was sparkly and refreshing. I'm going to seek it out.

Our bounty.

Relaxing after an exhaustive hour of tasting.

Boston's Federal Reserve building is framed by the beautiful landscaping along Atlantic Wharf.

This kid couldn't decide what he liked more: being photographed or his frozen juice pop.


  1. Where did you get your fake id? It must have been a really good one if they believed that you're over 18!

    It's such a coincidence that you went to this event because I've had my eye on Eat Boutique for several months. The founder travels to Paris on a regular basis and the Boston/Paris connection caught my attention.

  2. Very nice photos... Thank you for publishing them. :-)

  3. MIKE! Thanks so much for showing me this beautiful photos. If you're so inclined, please post the link to my thank you post on Eat Boutique - to share with others.

    I am so glad you had a nice time and I can't wait for Dec 9th myself.

    Mary Kay: Thanks for noticing Eat Boutique! Hopefully we can meet at an upcoming event? I'd love to talk Paris with anyone who will listen. :)

    Thanks again, Mike!

  4. @Maggie, Would love to meet you at an upcoming event. Any chance that you'll be in Paris in the near future?



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