Tuesday, September 18, 2012

To Castle Island and back

I’ve written about Castle Island here in South Boston many times before on this blog. And it’s no wonder, as it’s our standard dog-walk destination, and we’re there sometimes two times a day. For “newbies” to this blog, Castle Island is a 22-acre park, just south of Boston’s Logan Airport, that is a green oasis for us city dwellers. It’s right on Boston Harbor, so we get wonderful water views, as well as lots of open space for activities, whether you want to run, walk, bike, picnic, fly a kite, lounge, or enjoy a hot dog at Sullivan’s. This past Sunday afternoon, we walked over to Castle Island with Otis to take in the sunshine and enjoy the scenery.

Our friend Salvador sprinted by too quickly for me to get my camera ready, so I ended up with this shot of him running past us.

South Boston beachfront. Way in the distance is the John F. Kennedy Library and museum.

A paved walkway takes you out into Pleasure Bay, hooks around Fort Independence, and then back along the beach on Day Boulevard. The loop is 1.84 miles long (trust me - I just looked it up.)

This guy had just caught and released a huge fish (he said it was a bass?).

In the far distance, you can see the blue John Hancock Tower. At 60 stories, it's the tallest building in New England.

A clear view of downtown Boston.

Lots of green space on Castle Island, like this lawn, where Otis gets his tennis ball-chasing workout.

Otis' other dad.


  1. I love the pictures...I'm sad seeing the tree with the fall colors...brrrr...it is getting chill outside!

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