Friday, October 5, 2012

Arrival in Beverly Hills

It was a long flight but I have finally arrived in Los Angeles. Only to be stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffiic from LAX to my hotel. Was getting out of my cab at the Beverly Hills Hilton and pretty much ran smack dab into Candy Spelling. At least I am pretty sure it was her...


  1. We're going to need more than "I'm pretty sure it was Candy Spelling" while you're in LA, Mike!

  2. this is why Steve Jobs invented the iPhone camera. sheeesh.

  3. Please keep an eye out for Kato Kalen while you're there.

  4. I'd guess it was not Mrs Spelling, or really, how could you tell? I can't bear all the real housewives for one major reason--I can't tell them apart, especially the CA ones. Every blonde looks the same.

  5. Mary Kay -- i'm 85% sure it was her. The 15% of uncertainly stems from the fact that she was all alone (I would expect an entourage) and she actually smiled at me when i made eye contact. From all media accounts, I don't think Candy smiles much. I'll try to do better!

    Blobby: I know, I know. I had just jumped out of my cab after a long flight and long ride from the airport. I was not at the top of my game. See note to Mary Kay above "I'll try to do better"

    Julie: tonight's event promises lots of "celebrities" - I will keep an eye out for Kato.

    Joseph: You are correct! I had dinner by the pool last night, and there was a private function starting up next to me. There was a woman "of a certain age" in attendance wearing an aqua gown with a matching aqua boa. Rudely, I couldn't help glancing over at her repeatedly - the work she'd had done on her face was a feat of engineering. RE: plastic surgery -- if it makes you feel good, go for it. But geesh, strive for human facial features!



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