Monday, October 15, 2012

Kayaking in the Chittenden Reservoir

On Friday afternoon, Peter and I took to the waters of the Chittenden Reservoir (Vermont) in kayaks. The weather was crisp and clear, and the water was clear and smooth (until we got to the middle of the reservoir where the wind was making it quite choppy). We paddled around for about 45 minutes and enjoyed the views of the Green Mountain National Forest. We're guessing we missed peak autumn colors by a couple of weeks. The trees were still beautiful, but much more subdued in color than we were expecting.

I thought this photo was hilarious -- Peter drifts behind me, on the phone!


  1. fie on cell phones in such a splendid setting !

  2. Looks like great fun in a gorgeous setting. Must've been an important call...

  3. Very nice pictures.
    Isn't it a bit risky using a phone while kayaking? They're not water resistant you know... :-)

  4. What a great day! And thanks for sharing the fall color !

  5. Awesome! Makes me want to plan out a vacation like this soon! Thanks for sharing!



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