Sunday, October 14, 2012

Building them up just to knock them down

While on a long vacation weekend in Chittenden, VT, we took full advantage of the second-floor bookcase stuffed with games and puzzles. One of our favorites was a stacking game called Jumbling Tower. You start by building a 3x3 tower of brightly-colored wooden blocks. Then, taking turns, each player has to remove one block from the tower and add it to the top. Play continues until someone makes the wrong move and the tower falls over. You need a steady hand! Here are some photos of mom and Aunt Martha giving Jumbling Tower a spin.


  1. So this is where you get your competitive side...

  2. What wonderfully expressive faces...and tongues!

  3. standing a block up, rather than laying it across, is totally cheating. Who did that?



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