Monday, October 1, 2012

Man's best friend, indeed

While we were away in Annapolis, Otis was at MaryLynne and Ian's house, where he was no doubt pampered, played with, proudly walked, and showered with plenty of genuine love. Today, MaryLynne snapped these two photos of Otis, after she told him that Peter was going to pick him up. Perhaps he recognized the sound of Peter's name, or his internal clock told him it was time to be heading home, or just maybe, he completely understood MaryLynne's statement and was preparing for the big reunion. In any case, Otis waited at the top of the staircase, first standing, then finally relaxing near the top stop, but never taking his eyes off the front door where magically, one of his people would finally appear. Love these photos, MaryLynne. Thanks for sharing them with us -- and thanks so much for taking care of our best friend while we were away.


  1. I've seen a news program before, many years ago, that showed how dogs know when their owners are returning and would often wait like this for the return. Unless of course, they're asleep on the sofa when they know they're not supposed to be on the sofa--then they just don't care.

  2. Awwwe, those pictures are so great. Made me smile just seeing them.

  3. Aww, Otis looks so cuddly and adorable...yet so forsaken in the first photo. All by himself...waiting for his important people. What a heartbreaker. I hope you gave him some extra treats!

  4. dear Fido meaning Fidelity, indeed.



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