Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Go elf yourself

OK, yeah, so it's been a while. Yes, I'm still alive. But between buying a new house, moving in and getting settled, and the heat being turned up at work, my blogging has fallen by the wayside. And I decided that since blogging was a "fun" thing to do, I wasn't going to pressure myself and feel guilty if I couldn't sit down on a regular basis and keep "Mike's Short Attention Span Theater" updated.

So I didn't.

Which doesn't mean I didn't miss writing and keeping in touch with my blogging friends. (Blobby -- you still out there?)

So this is just a note to say "hey" and that I'm alive and kicking in South Boston.

Oh yeah, and to share this with you. "Elf Yourself" is a great online project put out by OfficeMax, and every year, I upload photos of friends and family (and Otis, our Portuguese Water Dog) and get a laugh out of seeing them dance around in a silly elf outfit. One year, we "elfed" Peter's mom -- and we watched it over and over again while she was visiting for the holidays. Every time we watched it, we laughed harder, until we all had tears on our faces. A fun memory.

So anyway, here's Otis as our 2011 elf. And in the holiday spirit of sharing, I'll try to be better about updating this blog on a more frequent basis. But in case I don't, MerryChristmasHappyNewYear!


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