Monday, July 12, 2010

I knew I liked you, Provincetown...

It's official - Provincetown, Massachusetts, is the most dog-friendly city in the United States. That's according to Dog Fancy magazine, which says Ptown came out on top of 40 other cities because of its dog-friendly open spaces, "events celebrating dogs and their owners, ample veterinary care, abundant pet supply and other services, and municipal laws that support and protect all pets."

Dog Fancy editor Ernie Slone said: "All dog owners know of a few local shops or restaurants that allow dogs, but it is remarkable to have an entire town where virtually every establishment opens its doors to dogs - even the bank. Where else can you take your dog along for a whale-watching or sunset cruise, walk miles of off-leash scenic beaches year-round, and enjoy one of the nation's finest dog parks?"

Where else, indeed.

Ptown is great fun in the summertime, but it's really special off-season. A few years ago, we visited for a long weekend during the depths of a February cold spell. The wind was whipping and the icy snow was pelting our faces as we wandered down nearly empty Commercial Street. Before ducking into the A-House for a break from the cold (and a beer), we asked the bartender if we could bring in Otis. "Hell yes!" was his answer. Our dog took over the place, enjoying all the attention from the crowd, warming himself in front of the wood-burning fireplace, and taking advantage of the barkeep's good nature and box of biscuits stashed behind the bar.

Congratulations Ptown...see you next month!


  1. Otis is everywhere - too cute. I have to go Ptown - maybe in September!

  2. one of my law school professors liked to entertain the class more with stories about his adventures in p-town than silly little things like what would be on the bar exam (or the final). shockingly, stories about his lover's sunburn were not on either exam.

  3. Sounds like a fun class. Can I borrow your notes?!



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