Monday, September 6, 2010

And when Julie's happy...

My friend Julie makes the best tater tots. A plate of piping hot tater tots - freshly salted - makes her very happy. Oh, did I mention that when she makes tater tots, she often serves beans and weenies as a side dish? That’s our standard menu during Scrabble games at her kitchen table. If we’re feeling especially gluttonous, we might make caramel apples for dessert. Hey, Julie – I’m hungry. When’s our next Scrabble tournament?


  1. Come on over!!! I always have Tots on hand!

  2. Wow, nothing like a good salty tator tot. I can totally understand the beans, but can't believe Julie serves weenies!

  3. Really? We obviously aren't spending enough time together Peg.... Please pass the butter.

  4. Did you hear that? It was my stomach grumbling!



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