Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Watch this: Going down the narrow road

Here’s a great piece of video featuring Jay Bakker (the son of disgraced PTL-founders Jim and Tammy Faye) preaching at a gospel church about how difficult it is to introduce change to the hearts and minds of people. “But we can,” he says, “ if we’re practicing things like justice and being gentle.” The crowd is eating out of his hand – nodding, smiling, laughing – until Jay talks about his support of gay marriage. Boom! The mood in the church changes instantly. As people stop making eye contact and begin shifting around in their seats, Jay bravely presses on. “It’s hard for me when people who’ve been through such persecution and have been judged against all of a sudden – they don’t want freedom for anybody else,” he says.

And to bring it all home, Jay recalls a quote from Martin Luther King: “It is not the words of your enemies that you’ll remember, but the silence of your friends.”

This video was created nearly three years ago – think any minds were changed in church that day?

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