Sunday, September 19, 2010

It’s impossible to…

I picked up the August issue of Esquire magazine last month at Penn Station in New York City, but then ended up sleeping on the train ride back to Boston. It was laying around the house before I brought it with me on a business trip to DC last week. I picked it up on the plane and really enjoyed the issue, especially its feature called It’s Impossible To…” 
  • drink a gallon of milk without pausing to vomit
  • write a compelling novel for men that does not feature moderate to heavy alcohol consumption
  • reconcile religion with science or science with religion
  • start a good story with “This morning in spin class…”
  • pass people in another boat without waving
  • hold a basketball and not want to bounce it
  • solve our long-term energy problem without nuclear power
So what do you think? What's it "impossible" for you to do?


  1. This reminds me of "Cool Hand Luke" when he was challenged to eat 50 boiled eggs in an hour... which I do think IS impossible to do.
    Another fun one is:
    Eat 10 saltine crackers in a minute without water (or any other liquid).

    I am sure there are tons of serious ones out there but at this moment, I can't think of any that don't seem totally depressing or too introspective, so I'll stick with my saltines and eggs :)

  2. It's impossible for me to:
    - sleep on an airplane
    - listen to Sarah Palin talk without shaking my head
    - pass someone walking their dog without asking if I can pet it
    - go into the Apple store without buying something
    - and obviously, it's impossible for me to pass up the opportunity to answer questions like this

  3. TOTALLY disagree on the 'spin' story one :)

    wait. define: interesting.

    True, I cannot sleep on a plane ever. But let's see....

    It's impossible to pass a cow in a field and not go 'moooooooooooo'.



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