Monday, September 6, 2010

Memories of Moosehead

We got on the road early Friday morning, with the radio telling us every ten minutes that Hurricane Earl was nipping at our heels (fizzle!), and headed north to Greenville Junction, Maine, the southernmost tip of Moosehead Lake. We stayed at Chalet Moosehead, just out of town center, while our friends Bruce and George were in a house further up the lake, and our most adventurous friends Robb and Salvador, did some old-fashioned camping at Lily Bay State Park. When we arrived, it was so warm that we turned on the air conditioner in our room (one benefit of staying in the “chalet” rather than at the campground), and today when we left, it had gotten so cool that the heat came on in our room.

On Saturday, we all went hiking at Big Moose Mountain, a beautiful but pretty steep trail. We rewarded ourselves with well-deserved cold beers when we got home. Peter and I stuck close to home on Sunday (everyone else took another hike), taking it easy, playing Scrabble lakeside, and taking in the views and fresh air. That night, Salvador and Robb treated us to a delicious dinner cooked over their campfire and we ended the evening with toasted marshmallows.

On the way back home today, we met up with a new friend Xander (we met him and his partner Chad a few weeks ago in Provincetown) in his hometown of Newport, ME, for a cup of coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts before hitting the Maine Turnpike, headed south back to Boston. 

Fueled up and ready to hit the road.

A barbeque pastrami sandwich at Spring Creek Bar-B-Q in Monson, ME, a new "must-stop" destination for future trips to Maine.

My favorite photo of the summer: Peter shows Otis the fastest way to get into the water.

Despite being a Portuguese Water Dog, Otis is more comfortable pawing the water, whining, and trying to convince the tennis ball to come back to him.

The object of his affection.

The water was I took my last dip of the summer.

Air-drying and waiting for a piece of cheddar cheese.

George and Robb at our cookout on Friday evening.

Salvador and I right before "The Screen Door Incident of 2010". (One of the six of us -- who shall remain nameless -- strolled into a closed screen door. Hilarity ensued.)

A quick group photo before we tackle the hiking trail.

Post-hike beers at Chalet Moosehead.

Otis keeps a duck at bay.

Our final night's camp dinner: delicious homemade skirt steak tacos.

Salvador and Robb

A moose bids farewell to Labor Day travelers as they leave the Maine Turnpike.

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