Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fireworks, stools, and Bristol Palin...Oh my!

A couple of random items:

I work for a safety organization, and over the years, I’ve seen enough photos and heard enough stories to have a healthy respect for fire and the damage that can occur when it’s misused or otherwise out of control. Ditto for consumer fireworks. I’ve always been leery of folks – usually in a crowd of people and usually with a beer full of belly – lighting off firecrackers and bottle rockets. For me, that’s way too much potential for disaster. So with the Fourth of July now behind us, I was dismayed to read about a young father in North Dakota who literally had his head blown off by a firework he lit during a family party earlier this week. Witnesses say they heard a ‘boom’ and when the smoke cleared, they found the guy on the ground, “empty” from the shoulders up. Very sad story, indeed. But what struck me about the news article was the last line that said the victim’s body was being transported to the morgue so that an autopsy could be conducted. Really? They think maybe he died from pneumonia?

My friend Julie is traveling this week for work, and forwarded me this snapshot of a sign she saw in a local window. Anyone guesses where she is, or what she might have picked up in this shop?

This one’s for all the moms out there. How many of these classic lines did your mom pull on you?

An edited article from The Huffington Post:

“During an appearance on ABC's ‘The Cluckfest View’ on Thursday, Bristol Palin was asked by The Cryptkeeper Barbara Walters about her suggestion that Levi Johnston, her ex-boyfriend and father of her son, stole her virginity. ‘I'm not accusing him of date rape or anything with that,’ said the 20-year-old victim daughter of former Alaska rocket scientist governor Sarah Palin. ‘I just use that analogy of losing your virginity. That's why it's called losing your virginity.’ She later added, ‘If I wasn't so stupid drunk, no that night wouldn't have happened.’”

Love the comment from “LiberalDawg”: “Did he spike her drink? Did he force her to drink those wine coolers? Did he kidnap her? She's just like mama, always the victim.”

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