Sunday, July 17, 2011

This Brady Bunch photo needs a caption

Last week, in honor of the passing of Hollywood producer Sherwood Schwartz, I posted a photo from his classic TV show, "The Brady Bunch" and asked for your creative captions. I got such funny responses that I thought I'd post another photo and see what happens. So here goes: please have at it!

"I’ll have to call you back, Cousin Oliver. My dad needs to call the caterer; his men’s group meeting starts in 10 minutes, and the crust-less salmon tea sandwiches and Cherries Jubilee haven’t showed up yet."


  1. Mike: *thought bubble* I think a fern would look fabulous right- about- THERE.

    Marcia: I know! I know! We got FRONT ROW SEATS to see Cheap Trick! It's gonna be sooo groovy!

  2. Then that bitch Doris had the nerve to show up to the girl scout awards banquet with a jello instead of the assigned chicken dish. Now, I am not one to gossip but have seen the zit on her nose? Bitch, please !



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