Monday, February 21, 2011

You'll never guess where Aunt Linda's hiding the vacuum cleaner

The folks over at D-Listed ran this hilarious photo and asked folks to submit a caption (that's mine above). Think you do better? Leave a comment!


  1. Up up and away, on my beautiful, my beautiful ba - room...

    (regrets to the Fifth Dimension)

  2. Love your proposed caption, but let me tell you I don't care where she's hiding it. I'll just go and buy another one.

  3. Wanda hasn't advanced in her coven; go figure.

  4. Hilda really knows how to ride a broom.

  5. Is this the new Enjoli perfume ad?
    I can bring home the bacon,
    fry it up in a pan,
    I can mop with my bottom
    and sweep with no hands....
    I can pass out the kisses
    never let you forget your a man.......cause I'm a woman.....

  6. I'm thinking something about being T-boned by a witch......but I'm probably not going to finish the caption until I finally win a New Yorker on-line caption contest.



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