Monday, June 14, 2010

I’m having dinner with Martha Stewart

Well, not really -- but I would if she asked me to. I was, however, in the front row of the Manhattan Hilton earlier today, as Martha Stewart, the queen of “Good Things”, was interviewed at TWTRCON, a conference focused on using Twitter in the business world. Martha was grilled by David Pogue, the technology editor at The New York Times.

Martha, whose Twitter bio describes her as a “curious, inquisitive, experimental entrepreneur who cares about the world we live in”, says every company should explore using Twitter. “If a new medium is available, try it,” she said.

She says Twitter allows her instant access to her nearly 2 million followers, whether she’s doing research (“Do you use hellmans mayo or kraft miracle whip and why?? Answer asap”), promoting her brand (“America the Beautiful! and it is so beautiful in the july issue of martha stewart living on sale june 14 of course you should all subscribe”), or following up on readers’ suggestions on where to eat when she’s traveling the world (“Eating poutine in the laurentians. French fires, string cheese and brown gravy??? what's the attraction?”)

I’ve got to hand it to Martha; she’s a savvy business person who truly understands the concept of “brand”, she’s not afraid to try new things or to laugh at herself, and she says she never wants to stop learning. In fact, when asked in a recent issue of Vanity Fair what her personal motto is, Martha replied: “When you are through changing, you are through.”

While her daily television show is on hiatus, Martha says she’s going to travel to the Gulf of Mexico to see the devastation first-hand and to offer any kind of help she can. That’s a good thing, Martha.


  1. Good for her...when she was up on charges a few years ago there were stories of her being a control freak, and not a nice person as we see on TV. But like her motto on "change" I guess sees seen the light.

    On a personal note - I think she would be a great person to hear speak - I'd jump at the chance.

    PS - poutine fries are great after a night of heavy drinking to absorb some of that alcohol.

  2. Great post Mike - sounds like it was interesting. (Her loss not inviting you to dinner.)

  3. Oh, there is no doubt she likes to be in control. Just trying to imagine what day to day life is like: the money, the influence, the adoring fanbase... Don't know how anyone in that position would cede much control



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