Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tough workout

I think I should have stuck with Jazzercise (see below)! Had my weekly workout with Roberto last night and he certainly upped the ante. He had planned an outdoor session, so we jogged over to the local soccer field where I started with sprints across the green, and then a fast run backwards, up on my toes, back to the starting point. Then there were side shuffles across the field, followed by “burpees” (which we called “squat thrusts back in grade school), push-ups, and a series of sit-ups. Luckily, we did a fast walk – not a run -- back to the gym. It was the most challenging session I’ve had with Roberto. And despite my groaning, he was very encouraging. This morning, my body is reminding me that I did, indeed, have a workout!


  1. Your body is telling you that it worked it's a*se off! That can only be a good thing!

  2. Hi Mike you need to come back for another workout soon!!

    This Wed?




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