Monday, May 10, 2010

Easier said than done

So I sent my folks an e-mail to tell them about my new blog, and so that they could see the photos I posted from our recent vacation to Spain.

For some reason, the e-mail I sent them displayed the URL to this blog, but it wasn’t hyperlinked, so they couldn’t click on it. “Easy,” I thought, calling them from my car on the way home from work, “I’ll just have them ‘copy and paste’ the URL into a Web browser.”

After 20 minutes (no kidding) of trying to explain to Dad how to highlight and copy the URL, open a browser, and to paste the link into the address window, I heard Mom cracking up in the background. Then I started laughing uncontrollably, half-expecting Alan Funt to pop his head up from the backseat and tell me that I was on Candid Camera. “I think it would be easier to send you both to Spain than to have you ever get to this blog,” I told them.

We all laughed, and before hanging up, I promised to send them another e-mail and make sure the URL was hyperlinked this time. About an hour ago, I sent them another e-mail and called home, this time getting Mom on the phone. It took her just a moment to open her e-mail, click on the link, and finally see this blog. “Mission accomplished,” I though. I then told her she could see the vacation photos by clicking on the “play button” on the slideshow. She was quiet for a minute and then said, “All I’m getting is a big white page that says ‘Google cannot find the definitions of the words you are looking for.’”

We both burst out laughing and then mutually agreed I’d make a trip home soon so I could show them the photos – in person.

Mom and Dad: I doubt that you’ll ever see this blog entry, but if you do, thanks for being such good sports and for making me laugh all the way home. 

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  1. I just relived a very similar conversation that I had with my parents when I started my blog! Funny post - thanks!



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