Friday, May 28, 2010

Tacky roommates

I found this funny blog post asking folks about the strangest thing that a roommate had ever insisted on displaying in the home.

  • “For me, it was an eight-by-ten picture that hung in the kitchen. A baby picture of my roommate being breastfed.” 
  • “A ‘we miss you so much’ card from home with a clump of her dog’s nasty matted hair taped to the inside. She put this up on the wall of our dorm room and it was there allllllll semester.” 
  • “Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria wall decorations. They were about 2ft x 3ft 3 dimensional decorations that had the complete feel of 70’s home decor. Aged bronze for the ships and a deep red velvet background.” 
  • “My roommate (a 22 year old male) has an obscene amount of Beanie Babies. A few months ago, he talked about selling them and we cataloged them in the living room. They are still in the living room in their clear Tupperware container. Whenever someone comes over they ask who the collection belongs to. Embarrassing.”

These posts reminded me of my first college roommate. And I think it was because he was (1) cheap and (2) odd that he insisted on recycling his dental floss. After using a strand, he’d stretch it out on top of the radiator in our room, let it dry, and then re-use it. He also found it hilariously funny to lean out the third floor window of our laundry room and “quack” at people as they walked in the front entrance of our dorm. Yes, I moved out as soon as another room became available.


  1. No horror stories here! I can't stand living with someone!

  2. and i've just been WAISTING my money on floss!

    I had a roommate/landlord that went to Mexico and brought back a mask made from an armadillo and a death shroud. He hung them together in the foyer. Nothing says "Welcome Home" like a giant death mask monster at your front door.



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