Monday, May 17, 2010

Pet peeves at the dog park

  1. If you have a dog that’s going to snap and bite my dog’s face, then please don’t extend his leash so he can say “hello” to my dog.
  2. If your dog “does his business” in the grass, please pick it up. (I was speaking with a dog owner at the park last winter, when he called to a woman who left her dog’s steaming pile on top of a snow bank. He yelled, “Hey, pick up after your dog.” She replied with a grin and a wave, “I’m going to let Mother Nature take care of it.”) Mother Nature does not want to “take care” of your dog’s business.
  3. If your dog is inclined to steal my dog’s tennis ball and run to the other side of the park with it, please pay attention, end your cell phone conversation, go get the tennis ball, and throw it back my way. (Yes, I’m talking to you, M Street Park clueless woman on her cell phone at 6:15 tonight.)


  1. Oh boy - not too flash. I dog sit my partner's dog sometimes - and I usually walk around with a bag in my pocket.

    BTW - thanks for following my blog - you said you do yoga 2 a week. I have a couple of posts on some yoga workshops recently - Dave Farmer, Wade Morrissette (Alanis's twin brother) and Rachel. Check it out if you get a chance.

  2. it seems a nice,,,,,,,,,..........thanks!



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