Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A sultry evening in Boston

It hit 87 degrees today in Boston, and turned into a perfect evening for a little tennis ball action in at the local park.


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  2. Isn't his move in the third photo from your yoga class?

  3. Hey Mike, I hope you will come and check out my blog. Its called MY BIG ITCH and its at www.mybigitch.blogspot.com I started it a few months ago. Its pretty much about the day-to-day shit that I deal with in my life, especially the on again off again boyfriend/friend Jess who is the love of my life and the source of all my angst. Check me out and please PLEASE add yourself as a FOLLOWER. I love knowing that I am speaking to people who are not only interested but who care. Post comments too and take the neat polls. Thanks, Steve

  4. What a cute doggy! What a long tongue too. :-)



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