Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eat your heart out, Lady Gaga

Eduard Khil was a popular singer in the Soviet Union back in the '60s and '70s. So he's on some Russian variety show and is planning to sing a tune with lyrics about an American cowboy. But he knows the Soviet government will censor him, so he ditches the words and just sings the melody.

So what do I love about this video? Is it the awkward choreography, the anemic lip syncing, or just the way Eduard's goldenrod tie perfectly matches the backdrop? In any case, it makes me laugh out loud everytime I watch it.

But wait...there's more! Some clever person took Eduard's TV appearance and produced this hilarious edit. This makes me laugh TWICE as hard as the original.


  1. Hi Mike. I had posted the first video on my site and found it hellarious. Thanks for providing the background of what that was all about. The re-edit made me laugh even harder--so much so that my head hurt afterwards. That is funny. I may have to steal that one too.

    Good luck with the blog... I love it so far!

  2. Thanks, Mark. Your blog is where I found the original clip. When i discovered the edit, i did one of those "laughing so hard I was shaking" moves. Thanks for your note.
    - mike



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