Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Carnival parade in Provincetown

It's the biggest week in Provincetown each summer -- "Carnival". And since this year's theme was "Jungle Fantasy", there was no shortage of zebras, Tarzans, pith helmets, monkeys, palm fronds...and beads, beads, beads. It's a wild parade and always a lot of fun.

That's comedienne Margaret Cho in the sunhat and writer Bruce Vilanch in the blue t-shirt. They were grand marshals of this year's Carnival parade. 


  1. LOVE the smiling Otis with beads! Classic!

  2. I missed this by about a week. I love me a good Carnival. Looks great.

  3. Thanks everyone -- as i mentioned, this is the sixth summer in a row we've been there for Carnival - and I think this one was the best parade and most fun! It was sunny and about 75 degrees -- who could ask for more from a beach vacation?

  4. Dear Mike,

    Naughty would like one Chiquita Banana Dress with matching Manolo Blahhhhniks in a size 8.5. That's shoe size, of course. We don't know each other well enough for me to reveal the other number. Naughty doesn't know her own husband that well; thus, she gets lots of purses and scarves at the holidays.

    Kudos on overseeing Otis's very successful, understated use of accessories. Mommy always told me it was just tacky to dress the children in provocative, grown-up garb. This goes for nail polish and jewelry, as well. But Otis looks lovely. As do you and that other handsome man.

    Glad you had such fun!



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