Monday, August 30, 2010

(Re)Introducing the Honey Bees!

Remember this classic clip? Of course, it’s from Gilligan’s Island, and as a child in the ‘60s and ‘70s, I did my fair share of sitting right back and hearing a tale, a tale of a fateful trip. I bet I saw this episode at least ten times, as the gals take to the stage as the “Honey Bees”. Everyone loved Mary Ann and Ginger, but you have to admit Mrs. Howell is rocking her tight turtleneck sweater and mod haircut. She looks like she was having fun too! 

Seems the ladies packed really well for their three-hour tour. To each pack sweaters, white shoes, and giant honeybee brooches -- what are the chances?

I read today that Natalie Schafer was living in New York and acting in the theater - her true passion - when she was offered the role of “Lovey” Howell (did you know her character’s first name was Eunice?). Seems she agreed to film the pilot because it meant a free trip to Hawaii, but she never thought the series would get picked up. And she was a real-life millionaire, thanks to some shrewd real estate investments in Beverly Hills. When she died in 1991, most of her estate went to her poodle (and later to the Motion Picture and Television Hospital). Schafer also reportedly left a “tidy sum” to co-star Dawn Wells (Mary Ann), who helped care for her while she was ill with breast cancer. 

So any other Gilligan's Island fans out there?


  1. What a groovy blog. I am so glad that I surfed on to it. Wonderful photography & interesting opinions. Thanks for sharing. I will be back.

  2. Great find!

    Not quite sure if Mrs. Howell is channeling May West or Marlene Dietrich?

    I think more the latter...

  3. The best episode was when the castaways went to the island with the mad scientist who swaped all their bodies.

  4. I loved Mrs. H.
    In a good way.

  5. Bzzzzzzzzzz.... loving those white boots.



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