Monday, August 23, 2010

It’s like privacy in a bag!

Trying to nap at the airport but just can’t get comfy? Or catch a few winks in the back of your car but that pesky sun is shining in your eyes? Enter The Snazzy Napper! It’s basically a triangular piece of fabric with a “cushioned eye guard” and “oval nose opening” and two strings that tie behind your head. As the commercial says, “While others toss and turn trying to get comfortable, you can rest and relax with The Snazzy Napper!” And it’s just $14.99 for the “original” Snazzy, but since I’m a big guy, I might splurge for the extra-large Snazzy for just $24.99. Or better yet, why don’t I just cut an “oval nose opening” in my Snuggie and call it a day?

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