Sunday, August 22, 2010

Salty dog

Otis was in his glory on the beach. I think the water calls to his Portuguese heritage, and since Provincetown is an old Portuguese fishing village, he's a natural. He's happy chasing the ball into the water and (sometimes) retrieving it or resting in a hole he dug under the shade of the umbrella. Like a kid, it's difficult to convince him to leave the beach at day's end. (Or maybe he was just dreading the cold rinse from the garden hose?)

Completely exhausted at day's end.

A last gasp of Cape air through the sunroof as we leave town.


  1. Such cute shots of Otis. Dogs do love a beach!

  2. The photos of Otis are so good, I mean, damn good! Wow. I'd definitely have a few of them framed and hanging on my wall.

    What a sweet boy. =)

  3. He's probably tired of me taking his photo all the time. if he just weren't so cute!



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