Friday, August 13, 2010

What's this hole truth about this donut caper?

So you swing through the drive-through at a local donut shop on your way to work to pick up a dozen glazed donuts to bring to your co-workers (because that’s the kind of person you are). You pull away from the window and you start thinking about how good those donuts are going to taste, so you reach into the box. But instead of donuts, you find a stack of cash; $5,000 to be precise.

That’s what happened to a customer at a North Carolina Krispy Kreme store this week. Seems a clerk at the store in Fayetteville accidentally handed over a donut box that contained the store's cash receipts. The store manager had put the money in the box as a safeguard against theft, but didn’t tell the clerk. And here’s the kicker – the person who drove away with the box full of dough hasn’t returned the money.

As tempting as it would be to enjoy the $5,000 windfall, I know I’d have to turn around and bring it back to the store manager. It would be the “right” thing to do, of course, but even if I fantasized about keeping the cash, I would be a paranoid wreck. Every time I heard a siren or a knock on the door, I’d know it would be the police coming to drag me into jail. And what’s worse is that I could never return to that store and look the manager in the eye – and that would mean no more donuts for me. Shudder…

Footnote: I saw this comment on a news article. "Compared to a box of doughnuts, how much do you thing the box of money would weigh? And suppose you owned a fast food place that sold doughnuts and all of your boxes looked the same. Would you keep the box full of money next to the hundreds of identical boxes of doughnuts? It's an inside job." 

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