Sunday, August 22, 2010

Last set of Provincetown vacation photos

The view from our cottage's kitchen table.

Provincetown Harbor at sunset, from our friend's home in North Truro.

Meeting Miss Richfield after her sold-out performance at the Art House. (That's me on the left -- and the camera is shaking because Peter is laughing.)

Dinner at our friend's home, our last night in Provincetown.


  1. Great photos. I was in Provincetown a couple of weeks aback - love it!

  2. Gorgeous view from the cottage. Glad you had such a great time in P-Town. Looks like an awesome vacation. =)

  3. SteveA: Yes, it's a great place -- and luckily for us, just a short drive. We had the perfect week!

    Ree: Thanks! I'm feeling a little bad for the folks who are staying this week in Ptown-- pretty grey and sticky.

  4. what stunning photographs! I would love to visit Provincetown. There is still a lot for me to see in SA though, so one day in the future :)

  5. I miss P'town. The picture from the kitchen cottage is very nice.



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