Sunday, August 8, 2010

Try this: Banana “ice cream”

I didn’t believe this when I first heard about it --a recipe for banana ice cream that called for only one ingredient: bananas! But I tried it a couple of weeks ago – and it’s not only delicious, but it’s good for you. I’d even serve it to company. We had a bunch of bananas (no pun intended) around the house today so I made another small batch. Try this yourself…you won’t believe how good and creamy it is.

Start with two or three ripe bananas.

Slice them into discs and put them on a plate. Then pop them in the freezer for 2-3 hours. If they go any longer, they'll become too hard and unusable.

Put the banana slices into a food processor and let it rip. After a few seconds, stop and scrape down the sides. Process again and keep scraping down the sides. If the bananas seem a little stiff or crumbly, you can add a tiny splash of milk, but that's usually not necessary. After about 30-45 seconds of spinning and scraping, the bananas will "magically" become smooth and creamy. Serve immediately. Would be really good with fresh berries.


  1. I have tried this before...It is really good...and super healthy.

  2. nice, I'll make it this weekend. Great workout tonight!

    I also love the pics from Castle Island and your dog!


  3. Wow, something else to do with the old bananas besides banana nut bread. Cool!



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