Thursday, August 26, 2010

This morning's ups and downs

On the up cab driver arrived ten minutes early (5:40 am) for my ride to Logan Airport.

But on the down side...he sat outside my apartment building and kept beeping his horn. Very much appreciated by other tenants and neighbors, I'm sure. I hurried to throw my last remaining items in my carry-on bag, grab my bagel and get outside; maybe I should have thrown my bagel from my third-floor window at him?

On the was a beautiful morning (it has finally stopped raining) and a quick ride to the airport.

But on the downside...Terminal C at Logan smells like dirty feet. What's up with that?

On the upside...once though security, I stop in Hudson News, a magazine-lover's paradise.  I peruse of all the glossy choices and pick up the latest Vanity Fair for my two-hour flight to Chicago.

But on the downside...I suddenly realize that I've neglected to bring my reading glasses -- and I can't read without them -- so it's over to the Foster Grant display for a $20 pair of magnifiers. I must have ten pairs of these things around the house and I can't remember to bring ONE with me?

On the upside...I approach the ticket counter at the gate, smile big, and politely ask the attendant if there is any exit row seating available on the flight. She smiles back and hands me a new ticket -- exit row window Now cruising at 35,000 feet, I have the entire exit row to myself. Sweet!!

But on the downside...wait -- there is no downside to sitting in an otherwise empty exit row. Life is good! 


  1. Sweet - I'm off tomorrow to Costa Rica on business class and I look forward to that. But overnighting in Miami - nah! That city is nuts!

  2. The days of free exit row seating are limited. I've had to pay (and gladly did) for the privelege the last couple times I've flown.

  3. You have somg Ying to go with your Yang.

  4. Life is good indeed. Will it get better with a nicer forecast for the long weekend - let's hope so. Glad your flight was relaxing. Much to my dismay, I had a similar experience on my return journey from ATL last Friday.



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