Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I won! I lost! I won! I lost!

A few weeks ago, I challenged Blobby to an Oscar contest: which one of us could most accurately predict who would bring home the gold at this past Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood. “Winner gets to gloat,” I told him, “and the loser must admit defeat.”

I had warned Blobby that for several years running, until my colleagues grew bored of me, I was the reigning champion in the office Oscar pool. (Don’t even get me started on how some of my officemates never made good on their wagers – it’s a shameful tale!) So I felt pretty confident going into this year’s challenge.

And now that the results are in, I’m happy/sad/relieved that I neither have to gloat or admit defeat – it was a tie! Blobby graciously sums it all up here.

And so with the Oscars behind us, I congratulate/make fun of Blobby on his win/loss and wish him the best of luck/the most dire misfortune next year. But hey – why wait another whole 12 months? There’s all sorts of things we could bet on: the Michigan Republican primary, how long the Dow will remain over 13,000, when Rick Santorum will wear a sweater that has long sleeves, the Kentucky Derby…the possibilities are endless! Game on, Blobby – pick your poison!


  1. It B too late for the MI primary - maybe we can do Super Tuesday. Or maybe we can pick how many days over 90 degrees we will have in the summer months. Hmmmmmm

    1. I was offering you a "gimmee" for the MI primary -- you could have looked brilliant!!

    2. Um.......I AM brilliant................thank you!

  2. Wait. How many did you get correct? I came in second in my building's Oscar pool and correctly guessed 16 of 23 overall. Did you beat that?

  3. Oh, I see. Not bad. I did guess Clooney for best actor although I didn't see the movie. I just thought they were going to give it to him.

  4. Do I get bonus points for going out on a limb and saying that there was no way that George Clooney should win the best actor award when everyone was sure that he would? But hang on a minute - Blobby agreed with me so perhaps he should get the extra bonus points which would obviously mean that he's the winner! ;)

  5. So which one of you is Meryl Streep?



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