Monday, February 20, 2012

A cloudy start on Doubtful Sound

We’re up at around 6:30 am on Doubtful Sound, and after a quick shower in the tiny stall in our bathroom, we head upstairs for coffee and breakfast. It’s much more cloudy, grey, and windy than yesterday, but it makes the scenery more dramatic. 

We have a few hours to cruise back to Deep Cove, and about a half-hour before we reach the dock, Peter catches sight of a pod of bottlenose dolphins off the starboard side (aye, look at me, talking like a sailor). Once we disembark from our ship, it’s back on the bus, then the boat across Lake Manapouri, and then a second bus back to our car in Te Anua. 

Here are some shots of the beautiful countryside we saw on the road back.

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