Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eat here: A winning dinner at Winnie's in Queenstown

After a long day exploring, we stopped at the visitor's information center along the main drag in Queenstown to ask for a recommendation for dinner. "Something simple, like pizza," we asked, and the lady behind the desk told us to head to Winnie's a few blocks over. We wandered around a bit (and I was tired, hungry, and ready to settle for anything), but magically, we turned one final corner and there it was. And it was worth the hassle. Both Peter and Mark got individual pizzas, and I ended up with a sirloin burger topped with cheese and a fried egg, along with a side order of beer-battered French fries served with aoli for dipping. Oh my...

We were all tired and ready to head home, and as we walked to our car, we saw this steamship heading out of Queenstown. A beautiful site.

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