Saturday, February 18, 2012

Everybody into the water!

A couple of hours into our trip, an announcement is made that it’s time for “activities” – sea kayaking and rides in the ship’s “tendercraft”, small boats that hold about 20 people. Mark and Peter go into the boats to get closer to shore; I opt to stay on board and try to catch up on my blog entries (oh, and to enjoy a glass of wine from the bar). Mark returns about 45 minutes later, while Peter transfers to the next group leaving on a sea kayak tour. It’s also time for anyone who wants to swim in Doubtful Sound to jump in.

Yup, that's "Captain Mark" in the front of the boat. I'm not going go make any comments about how these tendercraft look like lifeboats on the Titanic.

Peter returns to the ship.

 A couple of views back at the mother ship.

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