Monday, February 6, 2012

Now really, wouldn’t you adopt either one?

Check out these really great public service announcements from The Shelter Pet Project. The project’s goal is to spread the word that pets in shelters are wonderful and lovable,
and encouraging potential adopters to consider the shelter as the
first place to find a new best friend.

"You are the worst at hide-and-go-seek!"

"Poop already! You're making me nervous!"


  1. the cat one is great. the dog one has potential, though he's a cutie.

  2. I can' bear to watch these things, as I want to adopt everyone of them.

  3. I loved the cat's take on the giant litter box! It reminds me of when I read in a book (Pearl Buck?) about the Chinese who were confused when missionaries would blow their noses in a piece of cloth and save it for some unknown reason. The weird things we humans do.



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