Saturday, February 18, 2012

We celebrate a birthday in Wellington

In a few hours (well, at least here in Wellington), Peter will observe a birthday. And since we worked so hard to lighten the load we were carrying here on vacation in New Zealand, I decided to make his birthday gift a "virtual" one. 

For the past few months, Peter has been taking guitar lessons every other week. He studied guitar back in college and recently decided to pick it up again. He's been looking for new music to play, so I bought him music books featuring The Eagles and John Denver - both offer good, solid guitar chords, and hopefully will be a fun challenge for him to learn. So Happy Birthday, Peter -- your real gifts (not just a picture) await our return to Boston. 


  1. Yeah, but now you have to listen to John Denver and the there is that! (I was going to make a 'Take Me Home Cuntly Loads' joke, but refrained........kind of....)

  2. No Whitney.????? How can u leave me during this??
    Miss u! Love the blogs!

  3. Btw, there is another reprise of John Denver in norwell!
    I'll buy!

  4. Blobby - thanks for not making that joke. It would have been wildly inappropriate. Oh wait...

    Ur-Spo - I will pass your wishes along to Peter! Trying to find a fresh seafood place here in Wellington tonight for a birthday dinner.

    K: Yeah, Whitney doesn't really translate on solo guitar, but good thinking. I would SO take you up on your offer for the John denver stage show. You buy the tix, i'll buy the two martinis each that we'll need to drink beforehand to get through the performance.

  5. Good choices for Peter's birthday. I hope that he had a great one!



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